Dr. Meaghan Datema, ND

How to make a homemade Gatorade replacement

With the heat and summer weather finally here, summer workouts can be tough. They are hot, sticky, and super sweaty. If you read my last post, you know that drinking enough water and electrolytes are key to every summer workout. Many people think of gatorade as the go to electrolyte replacement or sport drink. What […]

How to make a perfect smoothie, every time!

Have you ever made a smoothie and it turns out to be some sort of grey sludge that is un-edible. Yeah. Me too. More times than I can count. Often I end up with a brown-green-grey coloured smoothie that is healthy, but not super tasty. I have tried dozens of smoothie recipes. No luck. Then […]

How to go dairy free

In the last number of years there have been a large number of people who are going dairy free. For a variety of reasons. From bloating to skin conditions to joint pain. People are experimenting with their food to try to identify which foods are possibly contributing to their conditions. Often, when patients enter my […]

Butternut Squash Soup

The perfect remedy for a rainy day When the calendar turns to November and the temperatures drops all I want to do is stay inside with a warm cup of tea under some blankets reading a book. I definitely don’t want to go outside in the wet and rainy (and possibly snowy) weather to go […]