Dr. Meaghan Datema, ND

How to Achieve Optimal Health

Boosting Energy

Managing Stress

Balancing Hormones

Optimizing Health

Minimizing Inflammation

Enhancing Digestion

Increasing Performance

Preventing Injuries

Optimizing Nutrition Plans

Tips from a professional

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Our Services

Nutritional Counselling

Food Sensitivity Testing

Vitamin B12 Injections

Bio Identical Hormones


Botanical Medicine

Why Meaghan?


I have received extra nutritional training which allows me to set up personalized meal plans for my patients that can address their unique health concernsor their journey back to health


I listen closely to my patients and take the time to truly understand what is causing their concerns. After I will leap into the research to formulate a treatment options that best suit that patient


I work collaboratively with my patients and with other health care providers to establish the best plan for their journey back to health

About Meaghan

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